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Building’s Insurance

Most mortgage lenders will insist on this insurance to cover your property. It protects the structure against unforeseen or accidental damage from either outside parties or the elements. It is available for both private residential and commercial properties. Group cover can be arranged for a portfolio of properties, reducing individual premiums. Non-standard Construction insurance is a similar cover available for self-built or distinct properties (E.g. Those with thatched roofing), as is Listed Buildings Insurance for Grade I, II or II* listed properties.

Who is this for?

Any private or commercial property owner(s). 



What may trigger a claim?

Unforeseen damage to the property through fire, flood or wind. 

Falling debris.



Landlord’s Insurance

Standard home insurance is often insufficient for certain types of claim; as such Landlord Insurance is available as an extra source of cover. It is available for both individual properties and portfolios. Although landlord insurance is not required by law it is often a condition of your mortgage or loan provider. It can be used to provide indemnity against disasters such as fire, flood or damage resulting from terrorism for both commercial portfolios and privately rented properties.

Who is this for?

Private or commercial landlords who rent out one or more properties are most interested in this product.



What may trigger a claim?

Tenants stop paying rent.

Damage is caused to the property by the tenants exceeding the deposit amount.

Rehoming tenants following an insured event.


Property Manager / Agent’s Insurance

It is often the responsibility of the managing agent to arrange the appropriate insurance products for their portfolio. Agent insurance exists in the event that the cover arranged was not adequate to meet the requirements of the property in question, and a claim against the arranging agent is made.

Who is this for?

Property Managers / Managing Agents


What may trigger a claim?

A claimable event taking place in a managed property for which no / incorrect cover was in place.


Contents’ Insurance

This insurance exists to protect the household goods of the owner against damage or theft. It can be tailored to suit individual requirements, and extra cover is available for individual items of particularly high value.

Who is this for?

Those who wish to protect the belongings in their own home


What may trigger a claim?

Damage to items through fire or flooding.

Loss of property following a break in.


Director’s & Officer’s Insurance

Directors and Officers of Management Companies and members of Residents’ Associations make important decisions that relate to the property. They play a crucial role in the day-to-day running of, and have important influence over decisions pertaining to the property such as neighbouring planning permission, maintenance contracts, and with whom they bank. Directors and Officers Liability insurance offers protection against litigation taken by employees, shareholders or third parties against a group or individual as a result of alleged breach of trust, malpractice or providing misleading information.

Who is this for?

Director’s / Officers of Residential Management Companies



What may trigger a claim?

A housekeeper employed by the association has a claimable accident for which incorrect cover was in place.

An oversight of management that directly results in damage to the property with charges being brought against the directors.

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